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Garbage and Recycle cans are not allowed in public view longer than 24 hours before or after recycle or trash pick-up (in garage or behind house/foliage).  This 24 hour requirement includes yard waste for pick-up.

 Pay Your Dues by Paypal

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As a member of your association, you can submit items to sell for free. For details and current listings, CLICK HERE >>

For your convenience, pay 2017 dues online. Dues for 2017 are $75.00, and are due by July 15th.  If you owe for a previous year, please contact our treasurer.

Whether traveling for the weekend or extended vacation, before leaving be sure to call the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office @ 740-833-2800 – they will provide periodic checks on your house. One quick phone call to the Sheriff’s Office will help provide you with a little extra peace of mind while you’re away. The patrol will be informed that you’re away and will make additional passes down your street.  Here are some helpful tips >