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Q. What is the complaint process?

A. We would prefer all complaints from residents be made via email through our website.  You can reach us on our Contact Us page. That way we have a written record of the complaint. Once we have received this information we will investigate the information and if it is found to be legitimate the following process will begin:

Step One: A notice will be issued to the owner of the property. This notice will describe the violation, list the proper course of action, and ask for a resolution within a set number of days.

Step Two: A formal letter will be mailed out from the “Association” to the owner detailing the issue and asking for resolution with a set period of time.  ***If the issue relates to lawn maintenance the “Association” can and will exercise its right to have an independent company  enter the property with notice, resolve the landscaping issue, and bill the owner for the service plus an administrative fee***

Step Three: A certified letter will be mailed from an attorney contracted through the “Association” in which the issue will be described along with a request for a resolution by a certain date.

Step Four: The issue will be turned over the attorney and legal proceedings will be initiated. At this stage if the violation or balance is not resolved a lien will be placed on the property and in order to satisfy the lien the owner will need to not only resolve the issue but pay all costs relating to said judgment including attorney fees.

Q. What is the Design Review Board and why do I need to get approval?

A. The purpose of the Design Review Board is to ensure that the architectural and aesthetic standards of the neighborhood are upheld. According to our deed restrictions any significant exterior change to a property must be pre-approved prior to construction. These changes include but are not limited to decks, fences, retaining walls, patios, porches, landscaping, etc… In addition, when you purchased a home in this subdivision you automatically agreed to abide by these rules and regulations.

Q. How do I get approval?

A. After you have a clear idea of what you would like to do you will need to submit an application (download application here) with the plans plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, color, size, materials and location for said structure. Normally a reputable company will handle this for you by preparing aerial and three dimensional drawings as well as list out all other pertinent information.

Please contact our management company Elite Management Services by using the link below:

Homeowner Central


Q. So what if build a deck without approval or I already had one built years ago without going through the process?

A. If, for example, you decide to build a deck without approval you will run the risk of being in violation of the deed restrictions which will begin the complaint process. Furthermore, if there is a complaint about an existing structure on your property and you are found to be in violation you will need to remedy the issue at your own expense or you could risk legal action.

However, due to the fact that there are rare instances when a variance can be issued every effort will be made to confirm whether any structure was approved in the past. This being the case it is a good idea to save all approval letters in case this situation arises.

Q. What are some of the requirements for fences?

A. - Fences shall be constructed of wood, approved plastic, stone or brick (No chain link, metal, or wire)

     - Fence height shall not exceed 48 inches

     - Posts must inside the fence line and slats must be placed “beauty side” out

Q. Am I permitted to leave my trash can outside?

A. Trash cans are permitted to be left outside as long as the containers are keep sanitary and screened from view. Please note that any structure used to screen your trash can will also need to be approved.

Q. What are the scheduled pickup days for waste removal?

A. Since there is no set day for pickup you can check online through the City of Columbus using the following link: http://311.columbus.gov/AddrLookupnew.aspx

Q. Is there a way I can see a description of all the guidelines?

A. Absolutely! There is a copy of the current Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Conditions and Restrictions on our website and you can always contact a trustee for clarification.

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