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As many have noticed and appreciated, the HOA contracted a fellow resident to plow the neighborhood streets and entrance during the snow storms of 2010.  We had the snowiest February in history, but you would not have known it due to the great work of one of our neighbors.


Many may have noticed that U.S. protection service car patrolling our community. The Home Owners Association hired them to do random patrols of the neighborhood and park to deter mischief and or crime. You can read more about them at www.uspsvc.com or feel free to contact any of the trustees for more info.



Letters have gone out to homeowners that were in clear violation of deed restrictions and so far we have had a positive response. We will continue to work with homeowners to make sure our community stays a nice one.  We have seen a tremendous amount of positive changes due to these letters and providing many homeowners with the details of the restrictions that were not once known, through both letters and the Newsletter.  Keep up the community PRIDE!


The City of Columbus will again pick up yard waste beginning in the spring 2010.  Stay tuned to the Newsletter and entrance sign for more details.

Burning yard waste is illegal in the city of Columbus.


Due to some dangerous situations of cars illegally driving around the gate at the emergency entrance (Near DrugMart) we have extended the fence to prevent this. To date no one has driven around the new section of fence. We also replaced some damaged boards and added a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up.


An issue that seems to be on a lot of peoples’ mind is speeding. While the HOA can not enforce speeding we are looking into "Children At Play" signs that will be placed throughout the community. We hope that the signs will help some folks think about what is at stake when they speed through the neighborhood.  There has been some delay in getting these signs due to cost, quality, and city specification.  The HOA is currently working through these hiccups to get the situation resolved during Spring of 2010.

The Prestwick Commons Subdivision has a MAXIMUM speed limit of 25 miles per hour on ALL streets. There are a lot of children in our subdivision so please slow down. Please keep the streets safe for everyone.

As per the “Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Conditions and Restrictions for Prestwick Commons Subdivision” that every home owner signed with the purchase of their home, we would like to remind everyone the following:

…”No trucks, commercial vehicles, boats, trailers campers or mobile homes shall be parked or stored on the street or on any Lot (except in an enclosed structure shielded from view) for any time period longer than forty-eight (48) hours in any thirty (30) day period, provided, however, that nothing contained herein shall prohibit the reasonable use of such vehicles as may be necessary during construction of residences on the Lots.”

“The word ‘trailer’ shall include trailer coach, house trailer, mobile home, automobile trailer, camp car, camper or any other vehicle, whether or not self-propelled, constructed or existing in such an manner as would permit use and occupancy thereof, or for storage or the conveyance of machinery, tools or equipment, whether resting on wheels, jacks, tires or foundation. The word “truck” shall include and mean every type of motor vehicle other than passenger cars, passenger vans and any vehicle other than any light pickup truck which is used as a personal automotive vehicle by an Owner or a member of an Owner’s family.”

This includes any van with commercial writing on the side of the van. These vehicles can only be stored at your residence inside your garage (closed). The Board is now issuing fines to homeowners in violation.

Please have your children be considerate to the homeowners property where they are getting onto the bus. There have been complaints of trash from children at bus stops as well as children not staying on the sidewalk and lining up and playing in homeowners’ yards.


The city of Columbus ONLY dumps the green trash bins on trash day. Any trash outside of the green trash bins is considered BULK TRASH. No Bulk items will be collected unless the resident schedules collection online or by calling 614.645.3111. You can also contact the city at the same number if you are interested in purchasing a second container or if you have a damaged container. Please note that there are some items that the city of Columbus, in bulk collection, will not pick-up and you will need to contact a private hauler. Please check the City of Columbus web site or call the number listed for these items.

All green trash containers must also be screened from public view. This means placing the containers in your garage or other location that is not visible from the street. There have been numerous complaints from residents over this issue.

“If the mailbox is damaged, destroyed or deteriorates, then each Lot Owner, at such Lot Owner’s expense, shall repair or replace such mailbox with another of a like kind, design, pattern and color as the initial mailbox.”

The review board will be contacting some residents because some mailboxes that have been installed do not meet the standard listed above.

There have been numerous complaints with regards to yards in the development – specifically dandelion weeds. Please keep your weeds under control and put down some weed killer on your lawns. Also, try to have your yard mowed at least once a week. If you plan on going away for an extended period of time, have a landscaper or a neighbor mow your lawn while you are gone. Yards that are unkempt can be fined by the subdivision as well as by the city of Columbus.

Also, please make sure that your trees are trimmed back from public areas such as sidewalks.

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