Our Neighborhood

Here are some helpful tips and suggestions to help keep our neighborhood beautiful and a safe place to live. 

Garage Sale

2022 Annual Community Garage Sale

Friday, June 3rd and Saturday,
June 4th, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day.  Rain or Shine! Participation is free!

Trick or Treat & Annual Pumpkin Patch 2021

Trick or Treat will be October 28 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Jodi & Mona’s Pumpkin Patch in the park is scheduled for October 23, from 10:00 am to noon. They provide small pumpkins, pumpkin painting, doughnuts & drinks.

Tricked into quarantine by Covid 19 exposure, the neighborhood shared their treats.

Trick or Treat 2020

We would to recognize and show our appreciation to...

Thank you Evagail Staten and all who worked with her to celebrate our students.

Thank you Winnie Hafner and Cheryl Harger for cleaning up the front landscaping

Many thanks to the neighbors who helped canvas for ballots. We couldn't have done it without you!

Santa and Mrs. Claus Visits Prestwick Commons! 

Thanks to the generosity of a couple of our wonderful neighbors, Santa and Mrs. Claus.  They made a stop in our neighborhood and families were able to have their pictures taken with them. What a special opportunity! 

Santa's here!
Yoga in the park
Yoga in the park

Whether traveling for the weekend or extended vacation, before leaving be sure to call the Delaware County Sheriff’s Office @ 740-833-2810 – they will provide periodic checks on your house. One quick phone call to the Sheriff’s Office will help provide you with a little extra peace of mind while you’re away. The patrol will be informed that you’re away and will make additional passes down your street. Online Sign up .

Sheriff House Check
  • Plowing Streets
    As many have noticed and appreciated, the HOA contracted to plow the neighborhood streets and entrance during snow storms. 
  • Neighborhood Patrol
    The Home Owners Association hired them to do random patrols of the neighborhood and park to deter mischief and or crime. You can read more about them at www.uspsvc.com or feel free to contact any of the trustees for more information
  • Yard Waste 
    Burning yard waste is illegal in the City of Columbus. For date of yard waste pickup, check online through the City of Columbus web site:  CLICK HERE 
  • Are You Speeding? 
    The Prestwick Commons Subdivision has a MAXIMUM speed limit of 25 miles per hour on ALL streets. There are a lot of children in our subdivision so please slow down. Please keep the streets safe for everyone.
  • School Bus Stops 
    Please have your children be considerate to the homeowners property where they are getting onto the bus. There have been complaints of trash from children at bus stops as well as children not staying on the sidewalk and lining up and playing in homeowners’ yards.
  • Trash
    The city of Columbus ONLY dumps the green trash bins on trash day. Any trash outside of the green trash bins is considered BULK TRASH. No Bulk items will be collected unless the resident schedules collection online or by calling 614.645.3111. You can also contact the city at the same number if you are interested in purchasing a second container or if you have a damaged container. Please note that there are some items that the city of Columbus, in bulk collection, will not pick-up and you will need to contact a private hauler. Please check the City of Columbus web site or call the number listed for these items.

    All green trash containers and blue recycling bins must also be screened from public view. This means placing the containers in your garage or other location that is not visible from the street. There have been numerous complaints from residents over this issue. 

    Since there is no set day for pickup you can check online through the City of Columbus using the following link: http://311.columbus.gov/AddrLookupnew.aspx
  • Yards
    There have been numerous complaints with regards to yards in the development – specifically dandelion weeds. Please keep your weeds under control and put down some weed killer on your lawns. Also, try to have your yard mowed at least once a week. If you plan on going away for an extended period of time, have a landscaper or a neighbor mow your lawn while you are gone. Yards that are unkempt can be fined by the subdivision as well as by the city of Columbus.

    Also, please make sure that your trees are trimmed back from public areas such as sidewalks.

Please Clean Up After Your Pets
!  We've had reports of neighbors not cleaning up after their pets when taking them for a walk. Please clean up your pet’s mess.

Pet Clean Up

Protecting our Youth from the Harm Caused by Alcohol and other Drugs, the Drug-Free Delaware Coalition is a community initiative working to reduce substance abuse among youth in Delaware and Franklin County. 

Our goal is to create partnerships with community members and organizations within Delaware County in order to tackle the growing problems related to drug and alcohol abuse. Our coalition is always looking for community members to join our prevention efforts. We encourage you to look over the resources and programs we offer. If you are interested in learning more about the coalition or potentially joining our membership ranks, please contact us and let us know. DELAWARE COUNTY

Community for New Direction (CND) in Franklin County

CND is a non-profit agency that provides services for adults and youth in three areas: prevention, intervention, and treatment. Their youth services include a Summer Day Camp, after-school program, and in-school program. They teach leadership development, anti-bullying and violence prevention, job readiness, college preparedness, and focus on ATOD-V (alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as violence) education. They also take high-school aged youth on an annual college tour and offer a FOCUS (Future Opportunities Created for Urban Students) program.  FRANKLIN COUNTY

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