Prestwick Commons HOA Newsletter

Prestwick Common HOA Newsletter

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Prestwick Commons HOA Late Winter 2024 Newsletter

  • Annual Meeting - Our annual meeting will be held on Monday, April 15, 2024 at 6:00 pm at the park. Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign in. Rain date will be the following Monday, April 22, same time and location.
  • SUNNY 95 Block Party - SUNNY 95 reached out to us and offered to hold a block party in our neighborhood. It has been scheduled for Tuesday, June 11 from 6:00 - 8:00 at the park. SUNNY 95 provides everything including food, drinks, games & music free to the neighborhood. In case of rain, SUNY 95 will cancel or postpone to the following night. This is a great chance to come and meet your neighbors and enjoy some time at the park!
  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt - Jodi Beekman, a neighbor and realtor with Just Sold Real Estate, is once again hosting an Easter Egg hunt at the park on Saturday, March 23 at 11:00 am. Details will be posted or our Facebook page.
  • Park Usage - Our park belongs to Columbus Parks and Recreation. It is available for our use. The shelter house is available on a first come, first serve basis for small gatherings. Events with over 40 attendees require permission from Parks & Rec.  
  • Rock City Church Noise - We have been in touch with Andrea at Rock City Church concerning the noise from the church on Sunday mornings. She said she had been in touch with her production teams about our concern. She also stated that the new auditorium will mitigate the sound issue for the future.
  • Dues - Annual dues are to be paid to Towne Properties (our management company) by March 1 each year. The $125 annual fee remains the same again this year. You should have received notice earlier this year that explained how to pay your dues. If you did not receive that notice, or have misplaced it, please reach out to Towne at (614) 781-0055.
  • Spring Clean Up Time Soon - Please begin thinking about whether your house needs power washing this Spring and what outdoor cleaning up needs to be done. Remember that any changes to the outside of your property including landscaping and additions need to be approved by the neighborhood Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Forms can be found on our website,, and are submitted first to Towne Properties to be certain all needed information is included and then Towne sends the form to our committee for approval. The committee acts on those requests as quickly as they can but have, according to our covenants, up to 30 days to respond. So plan ahead.
  • Please Respect the Property of Others - Complaints that we receive include things like letting dogs and cats run in others’ yards, kids kicking balls into fences and siding, kids and adults climbing over neighbors’ fences and more. Please be certain that you and your kids respect the property of those around you.
  • E Powell Multi-Use Trail - When E Powell St was widened, we were told that a paved multi-use trail would be built on the north side of E. Powell from Walker Woods Blvd to Old State Rd. This is a joint project between Delaware County, Orange Township & Columbus. I spoke with the Delaware County engineer and plans are still in place to construct the trail, but they are waiting on grant funding to come through. So it may be constructed this year or next, but I was assured it would be built once funding is secured.
  • Graduation Banner - Neighbors are once again planning to have a banner made celebrating all the students who are graduating this year from 5th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade. If you have a student(s) this applies to, check out our Facebook Page, Prestwick Commons Subdivision, or you can find the form at Graduation Banner
  • Thanks - As always, thank you so much to the folks who go a step beyond to make this a great place to live!

Prestwick Commons Spring 2023 Newsletter

  • Entrance LandscapingThe entrance landscaping is completed including the lighting. We’re excited to watch it grow this Spring!

  • Rock City Church
    As those who live near the construction are well aware, the overhaul of the church property is well underway. The connector road between E. Powell and Gemini Place has been closed to through traffic. It will re-open at some point in time but please remember, that is not a city road, but private property.
  • Annual Meeting
    Our annual meeting will be held on Monday, April 17, 2023 at the park at 6:00pm. The rain date is Monday, April 24. You will receive a USPS mailed notice of this meeting along with other paperwork soon. The purpose of the meeting is election of your Board members, and we always allow time for discussion and questions. 
  • Annual Garage Sale
    Our annual neighborhood garage sale is scheduled for Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3, 2023 from 9:00am – 4:00 pm. Multiple local neighborhoods take part in this sale. Our Webmaster, Unicom Systems, organizes and promotes this sale. 
  • Egg Hunt
    The Egg Hunt in the park is back, thanks to Jodi Beekman of Coldwell Banker Realty! It will be held in the park on Sunday, April 2, 2023 at 3:00pm. It’s free and in addition to hunting for eggs all over the park space, there will be a Toss Game, Guess the Jar Count and Coloring Books.
  • Prestwick Commons Students Banner 
    As has been done since the beginning of Covid,, Evagail Calma Staten is gathering the information on all 2023 5th, 8th, 12th and College graduates. If you have a child who is currently at any of those levels, please reach out to Gail through her Facebook announcement. Again, if you do not use Facebook, let me know and I will get your information to her. Donations are appreciated.
  • Architectural Review Committee 
    A reminder that all changes to the exterior of your property must be reviewed and receive permission from the ARC. The application is available on our website at and can take up to 30 days to process, so please plan ahead. 
  • Thank You! 
    As always, thanks for all that you do to help keep this neighborhood the safe and wonderful place that it is to live.

Prestwick Commons Fall 2022 Newsletter

  • The neighborhood trees are gorgeous and everywhere we go, the colors are beautiful. With E Powell once again open and the Lyra Dr connector in place, hopefully we can all get where we need to go a little bit easier. 
  • Upcoming Events - Pop Up Pumpkin patch in our park this Saturday, October 22, at 11:00. This is sponsored by local realtors Jodi and Mona. Kids can get small pumpkins to paint and enjoy other activities.

    Trick or Treat this year will be on Monday, October 31, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Please be extra careful driving home from work and activities that evening. Be sure to have your porch lights on if you want the kids to come to your house.
  • Entrance Landscaping - We are so excited to finally have work begun on our entrance landscaping! Meyers Landscape Services has designed and will be installing hardscape, perennial and annual beds, and lighting at our entrance over the next few weeks.  
  • Welcome Committee - At the annual meeting, interest was expressed in establishing a welcoming committee. A neighbor is willing to chair that committee and has some great ideas for ways to welcome our new neighbors. But others are needed to make this a viable part of our neighborhood. If you are interested in being a part of this group, please let me know. 
  • Park Maintenance - The board is reaching out to Columbus Parks & Rec to see if we can get the area around the playground and swings cleaned up and mulched. 
  • Rock City Plans - The board has heard that Rock City is planning on expanding the church building and parking areas. We can advocate for neighborhood concerns during the zoning process for that expansion. If you have any direct knowledge of those plans, or dates of zoning meetings, please let the board know. Also, if your property backs up to the church property, please share any concerns you may have about the expansion. Image 1 | Image 2
  • Open Board Meetings - We are always open to hearing from neighbors and working with you on any issues you may be having. If you’d like to attend a quarterly board meeting you are welcome to do so as an observer only. If there are issues you’d like to discuss, we are happy to allow time prior to the meeting for that.

    Our next quarterly board meeting will be January 9, 2023 and we ask that you contact us by January 1 to let us know that you’re planning to attend and we’ll let you know the time and place of the meeting.
  • Senate Bill 61 - Ohio recently adopted Senate Bill 61 into law which makes some changes in the state laws governing condominium Associations and neighborhood associations (HOAs). Below are some of the provisions that are relevant to our association:

    *Legitimizes official notices by electronic delivery when homeowners authorize this permission in writing.

    *Permits enforcement notices by electronic delivery when the owners have authorized it in writing

    *Enhances consumer protections by clarifying requirements for annual reserve funding. This requirement can only be waived by written waivers from a majority of homeowners every year.

    *Clarifies that association boards can be involved with and spend association funds on land use/zoning matters of properties that abut our neighborhood

    *Creates a 5-year limitation on records requests.

    *Requires that the association carry fidelity insurance on all those who handle funds.

    *Establishes framework for regulating solar panels.
  • Architectural Review Committee - A reminder that all changes to the exterior of your property must be reviewed and receive permission from the ARC. The application is available on our website at and can take up to 30 days to process, so please plan ahead.
  • Potential Amendments to our Bylaws - Several topics were discussed at our annual meeting relative to potential amendments to our bylaws. These include possibly reducing the required number of positive votes to pass an amendment, potential restrictions on rental properties, and security camera installation at our entrance. Changing our bylaws is costly and takes a tremendous amount of time and energy. Before we consider moving forward with that, we want to gather input from the neighborhood as to whether or not you want these changes. We will send out a separate email in the near future that includes links for you to let us know what you think about these potential changes. 
  • Thank You - A heartfelt thank you to each of you who help to make this neighborhood such a great place to live!

Prestwick Commons Spring 2022 Newsletter

  • Welcome
    Welcome to all new residents of Prestwick Commons! If you would like to receive this periodic newsletter directly, just let any of the board members know and we'll add you to the list. 
  • Entrance Landscaping
    Easement permissions for our landscaping are in the works.

    We have reached out to landscaping companies asking for bids. 1 company has presented a bid, 1 company has not yet responded at all, 1 company has responded but have not yet sent a bid, 1 company declined to bid and we have not yet had responses from the 2 companies we recently invited to bid. We will continue to work to get several bids to choose from.  ENTRANCE LANDSCAPING
    Street Sweeping – Columbus has scheduled street sweeping in our neighborhood for the week of May 23-27, subject to change. As much as possible, please have cars parked off street to allow for this to be done. 

    Neighborhood Garage Sale – June 3 and 4 from 9:00-4:00. This is sponsored by our website manager and includes neighborhoods all around this area.

    Use of the park for events: I’ve had several inquiries this Spring about renting/reserving the park for events. If your event is for 40 or more people, Columbus City Parks & Rec requires that you get permission through them. All other events are first come, first served.

    A huge thank you to those neighbors who have planned events that were open to the entire neighborhood this year. The board is always open to supporting a committee of folks who would like to plan neighborhood events. The HOA can not provide any funding but can help coordinate efforts. 
  • Annual Meeting
    Many thanks to those who attended our annual meeting last month. The board members elected include Marilyn Arthur, President, Kevin Murphy, Treasurer, and Jeff Stallard, Secretary. 

    Several issues were discussed, and the board received lots of valuable input. 

    Interest was expressed in having a welcoming committee who would get in touch with folks just moving into our neighborhood. Please let me know if you’d like to participate in that.

    Concern was expressed over suspicious vehicles in our neighborhood. The HOA board has no authority over that, or any similar potentially dangerous situations. Please contact the police about anything or anyone you see who concerns you. 

    Tapestry apartments has been sold to another company and is now called Provenance at Polaris. I have reached out to the new management who appeared to be unaware of their responsibility to take care of the fence and landscaping on our side of the fence. They said that would be corrected. 

    Many of our most challenging problems within the neighborhood come from rental homes. Our legal representative attending the meeting indicated that there are amendments that could be written that would place some short-term restrictions on rental homes. The board will continue to research this and more information will be sent out to find out the interest of the neighborhood in pursuing this path, 

    There was also discussion of what would be involved in changing the requirement to have 75% approval of any amendment changes. We would have to get 75% approval to make that change and will be reaching out at a later time to determine the level of interest in pursuing this as well.     
  • Reminders
    School is going to be out in a couple of weeks, so please slow down and be on the lookout for kids on and around our streets.

    Trash and recycling bins are to be stored out of sight. All trash, recycling, yard waste and bulk pick up items are to be placed curbside no earlier than the night before scheduled pick up.

    Each homeowner is responsible for keeping their yard mowed and maintained in a timely manner.
  • Communication
    Your HOA board works hard being responsive to your needs and requests. Contact information to reach us and Towne Property, our management company, is on our website:

    You can also find ARC forms on that website.

    The Prestwick Commons Facebook page is a closed site for neighborhood sharing. It is not administered by the board.

    Marilyn Arthur
    Prestwick Commons HOA President

Prestwick Commons Winter 2022 HOA Newsletter

Brrrr! Stay warm and healthy!

    There is always a lot to appreciate in this neighborhood, but a few specific things currently warrant mentioning.

    Thanks to Columbus Parks & Rec for cutting down the dead tree near the entrance to the park.  

    Thanks to Green Meadows LTD for the excellent job plowing our streets after the recent ice/snow event. 
    We are aware that many of you received 2 billing notices for your annual dues. Some of you received 2 identical bills for your property and others received one bill for your property and one for another neighborhood. Towne Properties sent an email to all those whose email addresses they had, advising of their error. Your annual dues are $125 and are due every year by March 1. If you pay online, you may not see your payment credited until March 1 and may currently see $0 balance due. The management company does not reset that information on their system until March 1. But your payment needs to be made by March 1.  
    We have run into complications on updating the landscaping at the entrance since the road widening brought the road right-of-way right up against the property lines of those corner houses. We are working to find solutions that allow us to have a beautifully landscaped entrance.  
    Our annual meeting, Covid permitting, will be held in March or April. Details will be shared when we have them, in a letter from Towne Properties.  

    The neighborhood garage sale, which is organized by our website manager, Kullberg Designs, is generally held the first weekend in June.If you do not feel well or are sick, entry into the meeting is prohibited
    Marilyn Arthur  
    Prestwick Commons HOA President

Prestwick Commons Fall 2021 HOA Newsletter

Fall is here, even though current temperatures are certainly not reflecting that. Please be extra cautious and watch out for our kids, especially around bus stops and after school. It’s always good to see lots of kids out on their bikes and folks out walking in the neighborhood. The Fall decorations on homes throughout the neighborhood are so welcoming. 

  • East Powell Rd. Update
    According to the county engineers, construction of the road is complete. There is still a bit of utility work being done but that should be completed soon.  
  • Sidewalks
    It’s going to be at least a year before sidewalks will be completed. The sidewalks along E Powell that are currently in place are replacing ones that were there before the widening began. The only additional sidewalks that were added during this phase of the construction were from Prestwick Green to Walker Woods Rd.
  • Entrance Landscaping
    The HOA board has decided to wait until Spring to update the entrance landscaping. We hope to avoid spending the money and then having the landscaping once again torn up as the roadway is finished. We have also run into some challenges regarding how much space we actually have to landscape.   

Trick or Treat & Annual Pumpkin Patch 2021

Trick or Treat will be October 28 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Jodi & Mona’s Pumpkin Patch in the park is scheduled for October 23, from 10:00 am to noon. They provide small pumpkins, pumpkin painting, doughnuts & drinks.

  • Car Break-ins
    It seems that every couple of years, we get a round of unlocked cars being gone through. Please report these to the police, keep your cars locked and your garage doors closed. We have a neighborhood security patrol that drives around the neighborhood once per night on a random schedule. The board has looked into other security options but have not yet been able to find anything that would be significantly better without intruding on our privacy too much.  
  • Yard Waste Reminder 
    Yard waste bags are to be placed at the curb only on recycling pick up days.
  • Coyote Sightings 
    We still have coyotes in the area so please be cautious with your small pets.  
  • Amended By-Laws
    Every homeowner should have received an updated copy of the HOA governing documents. Please read these documents so that you are knowledgeable about how your HOA board works and the rules governing our neighborhood. If you did not receive a copy of these documents, contact Towne Properties, our management company, to let them know.

    Marilyn Arthur
    Prestwick Commons HOA President

Prestwick Commons Summer 2021 HOA Newsletter

So far it’s been a summer with fewer COVID restrictions, lots of cicadas and road construction. Working together, we’ve been able to weather it all.  

  • Annual Meeting

    Thanks to each of you who attended our annual meeting. Your HOA officers remain the same with Marilyn Arthur, President; Jeff Stallard, Secretary, and Kevin Murphy, Treasurer. Our contact information is available at and we welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.  
  • Amended By-laws

    Our amended and updated governing documents are still at the County Recorder's office. Once that recording is complete, a copy of the by-laws will be mailed to each homeowner. 
  • Road Construction

    Construction has begun on our section of E Powell Rd. Patience and extra alertness will be needed while the widening takes place.

    Greg was able to talk with the supervisor on site today and was told that the current plan is to re-enforce the existing roadbed tomorrow, then install the storm drains, install curbs and lay the first 2 layers of blacktop by the end of this Saturday, June 26.    

    Thanks Greg, for sharing this information!  

    Several people have suggested that the gate at Candlelite Lane be opened during this construction. The keys to that gate are held by the Fire Department and the gates are only to be opened by them for emergency access. No one in our neighborhood or in the apartment complex has the authority or the ability to open the gates.  
  • Architectural Review (ARC) form

    The ARC form is now available - access here. Please remember that you need to get ARC approval for any changes to the outside of your property.   
  • Park Mowing

    After trying, unsuccessfully, to get the city to do a better job of mowing the common areas of the park, the board has reinstated the contract with Tackle Your List to mow areas of the park. The city mows the large open area and TYL does the trimming and mowing of the smaller areas.  
  • Sidewalk Repairs

    Many thanks to Donna V for sharing the following information:  

    If the sidewalk damage is pertaining to a city tree, the city will pay the cost of the permit, however, the repair cost is still the homeowner’s responsibility and the city will do the repairs.  

    If the damage is not caused by a city tree, then the cost of the permit as well as the cost of the repair are all the homeowner’s responsibility. The permit cost is $135 and that includes the application fee and the inspection that the city will do prior to pouring. The permit will cover the sidewalk, the curb and the approach if needed. If you’re only going to get repairs on the sidewalk just know that the permit covers all of those other areas as well, so if you were going to get repairs at a later time on any of those areas you would have to obtain a new permit if you don’t have it repaired at this time. Each job requires a permit, but the permit covers all of those areas it’s done at one time meaning only one permit fee. 

    When Mark Wilburn, the sidewalk service coordinator for the department of public service pulled up my file he advised me that the repair work for my sidewalk is actually a lift and not a replacement and he mentioned that most of the sidewalks in our neighborhood were the same situation. I didn’t know the difference but I do now and have found that the cost to LiFT is a lot less than a replacement. So if you haven’t already done so, I would clarify to see what you specifically need. 

    I have contacted a company called B-level and they will be out in the next week to give me an estimate on doing a sidewalk lift. If anyone else is interested in using them, their number is 614-362-3943.

    We have until December 31 to have the repairs completed.

The Sunny 95 Treat Tour Truck will be out on Thursday July 22nd from 6-7pm

They will set up 3-4 tables, they will have Cheryl’s Cookies and Goodie Bags.  They have speakers on their truck and they will be playing music.  This will be parked near the park entrance.   The Food Trucks have been popular and more are scheduled in the future.  

  • Sidewalk Repairs

    Many thanks to Donna V for sharing the following information:  

    If the sidewalk damage is pertaining to a city tree, the city will pay the cost of the permit, however, the repair cost is still the homeowner’s responsibility and the city will do the repairs.  

    If the damage is not caused by a city tree, then the cost of the permit as well as the cost of the repair are all the homeowner’s responsibility. The permit cost is $135 and that includes the application fee and the inspection that the city will do prior to pouring. The permit will cover the sidewalk, the curb and the approach if needed. If you’re only going to get repairs on the sidewalk just know that the permit covers all of those other areas as well, so if you were going to get repairs at a later time on any of those areas you would have to obtain a new permit if you don’t have it repaired at this time. Each job requires a permit, but the permit covers all of those areas it’s done at one time meaning only one permit fee.

    When Mark Wilburn, the sidewalk service coordinator for the department of public service pulled up my file he advised me that the repair work for my sidewalk is actually a lift and not a replacement and he mentioned that most of the sidewalks in our neighborhood were the same situation. I didn’t know the difference but I do now and have found that the cost to LiFT is a lot less than a replacement. So if you haven’t already done so, I would clarify to see what you specifically need. 

    The city will only do the repairs if it is caused by city damage. Otherwise we are responsible for finding our own contractors. In the terms of replacement for the sidewalk you can contact the city of Columbus building and services department and they will send you a list of licensed contractors. You can either file for the permit yourself and pay the fee or your licensed contractor can apply for the permit on your behalf and just incorporate it into your invoice. He said that this is the norm. 

    I have contacted a company called B-level and they will be out in the next week to give me an estimate on doing a sidewalk lift. If anyone else is interested in using them, their number is 614-362-3943.

    We have until December 31 to have the repairs completed.
  • Trash Cans

    Reminder, trash and recycling bins are to be out of sight from the street

    Marilyn Arthur
    Prestwick Commons HOA President

Spring 2021 Prestwick Commons HOA Newsletter

  • Thank you!

    First, thank you to each person in the neighborhood who reached out to help someone else during our challenging winter. It was wonderful to see and hear about how neighbors were taking care of each other. 
  • Easter Egg Hunt and Annual Garage Sale

    Due to continuing Health Department restrictions, we are unable to hold the Easter Egg hunt again this Spring. Outdoor gatherings continue to be limited to 10 people.

    The Annual Community Garage Sale was held on Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th, 9am - 4pm. We had 2 beautiful days with no rain. Multiple neighborhoods nearby also participated in this event.  More information is available on   
  • ARC Requests

    Our governing documents state, “…the Design Review Board shall have jurisdiction over all construction, modifications, additions or alterations of improvements on or to the Property.” There is much more detail in our governing documents here. We refer to the Design Review Board as ARC (Architectural Review Committee).  

    Access to the forms to be submitted to the ARC committee requesting permission for any changes to the outside of your property need to be submitted through Towne Properties. Currently you can get those forms by emailing or by calling Towne Properties at 614 781- 0055. We are working to get those forms available on the Towne Properties website and a link set up on our website as well.   
  • E. Powell Road Construction

    This is the latest information that we have from the county engineer’s office. Widening of East Powell Road to 3 lanes between South Old State and Bale Kenyon. Sequenced road closures from east to west with next closure from Walker Wood Blvd to 1-71 beginning in April. Future closures between Tahoma St. and Walker Woods followed by Old State to Tahoma St. Overall project completion in October 2021.

    The county engineer overseeing this project has said that there will be a time period when we will only be able exit one direction out of our neighborhood. His start time for this project is April 1, 2021 but that is always contingent on completion of utility work.  
  • Front Landscaping and Common Area Mowing

    The board has discontinued the contract to have the front entrance landscaped and other common areas in the neighborhood fertilized and mowed for one year. All of the areas that we have been having mowed are also the responsibility of either Columbus Parks & Rec or Tapestry Apartments. We will monitor and work with those entities to keep the areas maintained. It appears the front entrance area will be torn up throughout the summer.  

    If there are a few neighbors who would be willing to keep the entrance area as nice as possible through the summer, please let me know.  
  • Snow Plowing

    The timing, quantity, and thawing/refreezing of the snowfall this winter was certainly not typical here and presented significant challenges. We adjusted our contract with the plowing company as things changed, doing our best to keep the streets safe while being good stewards of the HOA funds.  
Building Roof


Mark your calendars! Our annual meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 7, 2021 at 6:00pm in the park as it was last year. The rain date will be the following Monday, June 15, 2021. Please plan to arrive early enough to get signed in prior to the start of the meeting.

  • Paying Dues

    Annual dues are due on March 1 of each year. With the new management company, we’re aware that there was some confusion about logging in to their system. The website for the management company is and their phone number is 614 781-0055, where you will generally speak with a real person. Your account number is the same as the registration code that was on the statement they sent to you. If you did not get a statement for your annual dues, please reach out to them immediately so that you don’t incur any late fees.  
  • Dog Owners

    We have received several complaints recently about neighbors not cleaning up after their dogs. You know that it is your responsibility to clean up after your dogs and to dispose of that trash appropriately. Please do so. 
  • Updated Bylaws

    We are hoping to have an updated copy of the HOA governing documents in the hands of each homeowner in the near future.  
  • Neighborhood Website

    This newsletter, as well as past ones, are posted on our neighborhood website at Please check it out as it has lots of information about our neighborhood as well as our governing documents.  

    A reminder to reach out to the board at any time with questions, concerns, or suggestions. Our contact information is on the website. As always, please give my email address to anyone in the neighborhood who would like to be added to this email list.

    I'm looking forward to a bright Spring with all of you. 
    Marilyn Arthur  
    Prestwick Commons HOA President

Prestwick Commons Fall Newsletter

  • Annual Meeting

    The annual meeting was held on October 6, 2020 in the park with 38 homeowners attending and with all COVID 19 safety protocols in place. Guests included Katelyn Kaman from our legal team Kaman and Cusimano and Kim Brown and Bryan Herd from Towne Properties management company.  read minutes
  • Board Member Change 

    Cynthia Lin chose not to run for the board again and she will be missed. Her dedication and knowledge were so valuable as the board worked through all of the issues that we faced the past 3 years.  

    We welcome Kevin Murphy to the board and look forward to his enthusiasm and participation in the work we do for the neighborhood!
  • Ballot Results

    The voting on proposed covenant changes has been completed, confirmed by our legal team, and sent to the County Recorder’s Office for recording. Once that is completed, and our new management company is up and running, each homeowner will receive an updated copy of the Declaration of Covenants, Easements, Conditions & Restrictions that govern our neighborhood.  

    Many thanks to all of the folks who helped get the required votes to pass the first 2 proposed amendment changes: the prohibition of Tier 3 sexual offenders being allowed to live in our neighborhood, and allowing official notifications of the board to be sent out by email to those who choose that method. The first amendment keeps our neighborhood safer and the second will save significant amounts of time and money in the future. 

75% of homeowners were required to vote for an amendment for it to pass. The final totals are: 

Amendment A (prohibit sexual offenders2301075.6%
Amendment B (notices by email) 2311175.9%
Amendment C (update antennae language)1974464.8%
Amendment D (modify sign use restrictions) 2162571%
Amendment E (modify outbuilding restrictions)2014166%
Amendment F (update mailbox restrictions)2142770%
Amendment G (stagger board elections)2093168.7%
Amendment H (social activity financing)  2014166%
  • New Management Company

    Beginning November 1, Towne Properties will be our new management company. You should be hearing from them early in November with information on the changes. Through the end of October, please continue to work with EMS on any current issues. We are hoping to see a much higher level of satisfaction working with this new company.

Trick or Treat

Our neighborhood Trick or Treat this year will be on October 29, from 6pm to 8pm. Let’s all go that extra step to make sure that this is a Covid safe activity for our kids.

  • Complaints

    Two issues are brought to the board’s attention frequently. 

    The first is the uneven sidewalks. We hear from a range of folks about the problems created by the sidewalks not being smooth. It is each homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the sidewalk on their property. If anyone knows someone who might be willing to fix sidewalks across the neighborhood, at each homeowner’s request and expense, maybe you could share that information so that arrangements could be made.  

    The second issue is about kids playing across yards. The complaints have included items being left out and, especially, balls hitting neighbor’s houses. That noise, when a soccer ball hits your house, is jarring at minimum and potentially damaging. Please be certain that your kids have permission to be on someone else’s property and that they are careful with the items they’re using. Our park is a great place for kids to play games that require a lot of space. 
  • Park Drainage

    Columbus City Parks & Rec put French drains under the playground portion of the park to help alleviate the standing water issues there. We continue to work with them to improve the drainage from the park onto neighboring properties.
    Marilyn Arthur
    Prestwick Commons HOA President

Prestwick Commons June Newsletter


    The Department of Health Director’s Stay Safe Ohio Order states that all gatherings of more than 10 people remain prohibited, which the Director has extended until 11:59pm on July 1, 2020. Therefore, we continue to postpone our annual meeting until it is safe and legal to hold it. 

    Just a reminder, please park your cars in your garage and driveway and avoid parking on the street if possible. It really is a safety hazard in our neighborhood to have so many cars parked on our streets
Building Roof


The building at our entrance needs a new roof. This task has taken far longer than we could have imagined but should be completed soon. The pruning of the trees over that building is scheduled for later this month.


    The HOA board, after meeting with a group of neighbors last Fall, agreed to suspend violation drive throughs until April 1. That suspension was then extended through April and May due to the pandemic. The management company will once again be doing those assessments. A list of the covenants that dictate what they look for is on this website. Click services, then documents, then deed restrictions.  
    If you are in violation of any of those restrictions, you will receive notification to correct the problem. There are multiple steps in the process, but ultimately, if you don’t correct the violation, there are fines and a lien can be placed against your property. If there are extenuating circumstances, please let EMS or the board know, and we will work with you.  

    Violations can be submitted by any neighbor by emailing or by submitting it through the management company website at

Thank you for your patience as everything happens more slowly due to the pandemic. Know that your board continues to work with you to get answers for your questions and concerns as quickly as possible. It has certainly been more challenging these past few months.

We’ve had a lot of new families moving into our neighborhood and lots of babies being born. Welcome to all and congratulations to the growing families! As you meet new neighbors, please share with them our website at so that they can become familiar with our neighborhood and with the HOA.  

Stay safe and protect your health and that of those around you. I know that there are so many people in our neighborhood reaching out to help others in a myriad of ways and it constantly reminds me of what a great place this is to live.  

Marilyn Arthur
Prestwick Commons HOA President

Prestwick Commons May Newsletter

  • Impacted by Covid 19 
    Our annual meeting continues to be postponed indefinitely. Once we know that it is safe to hold the meeting, the announcements will be sent out. Mid to late June is our best guesstimate at this time.  

    Violation assessments will again be suspended until June 1. You can always report a violation by emailing  

    The annual June neighborhood garage sale has been cancelled.  
  • ARC  
    Requests for required permission for exterior changes to your property have been coming in and the committee has been working hard to respond quickly to those requests. Remember that you must have HOA permission to make changes to the exterior of your property. There is a link on our website or you can log into the management company at to apply.
  • E Powell Road construction
    Utility work continues along E. Powell prior to the beginning of the actual road construction. As you have seen, the work is already impacting our entrance landscaping. Therefore the board has suspended the contract for landscaping that area until construction is completed.  
  • Neighborhood Complaints
    With more neighbors out walking and riding bikes, we are receiving more complaints about sidewalks that are not safe. Each homeowner is responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalk(s) on their property. Please get those repaired before someone gets hurt. 
  • Tapestry Apartments Construction
    Good news for those who have lived with the construction along Candlelite Lane. It is to be completed by July 1. We continue to work with them on final gate and landscaping plans.  

    Stay safe and healthy, and continue to watch out for and support one another through these difficult times. We are blessed to live in such a wonderful neighborhood! As always, let us know your thoughts, questions and concerns.  

Prestwick Commons Spring Newsletter

Hi Neighbors!
It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring out there with grass getting greener and blossoms on the trees. This is certainly a Spring unlike any we’ve ever experienced before but I couldn’t be prouder of this neighborhood. Thank you to each person who has stepped up in any way to support others who live here. There are so many of you who have reached out to the neighborhood as a whole or to individuals with offers of help. There is lots of local information posted daily on our Prestwick Commons Subdivision Facebook page, so please consider joining that to keep up on what’s going on. It’s a closed page for our neighborhood only.  

  • Dues 
    The majority of you have paid your 2020 HOA dues. If you have not yet done so, please do soon. There are late fees and potential legal ramifications of not paying dues.
  • ViolationsEntrance Building  
    The board had suspended drive through reports until the beginning of April. We are extending that to the beginning of May. However, now might be a great time to get yards cleaned up, trash cans out of sight, mildew cleaned off the houses and outside painting and repairs done. Violation reports from individuals are always accepted by contacting
  • Annual Meeting
    Our annual meeting had to be postponed due to health concerns. We won’t reschedule that until we’re certain the meeting can be held safely. Required notification takes several weeks, so it will probably be at least late May before we can hold that meeting. If you have questions you wanted to ask at that meeting, just contact any of the board members and we’ll be happy to talk with you.
Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

Unfortunately, the Easter Egg Hunt has had to be cancelled for this year. 

  • E. Powell construction
    No firm dates are yet available on when the actual road work will be started. All of the current work being done is utility work and each utility works out its own schedule. Once that is finished, then the bidding process for the actual road work will begin. 
  • Ballots
    Our original plan of going door to door after the annual meeting to collect ballots from those who have not yet voted is, of course, on hold for now.   

    If you received a second ballot after you had already returned your first ballot you can contact the management company at and they can tell you whether or not your vote has been recorded.  

    Please, if you still have a ballot that you have not returned, vote, sign it, be sure your address is listed on the ballot, and return it. If you don’t have the return address contact the management company or one of the trustees and we’ll get it for you.   
  • ARC
    Remember that it is necessary to go through the ARC for approval of any outdoor property or landscaping changes that you are planning. That process can take several weeks, so plan ahead.

    As always, don’t hesitate to contact any of the trustees with your questions, thoughts and/or concerns.   

    Thank you for making this such a wonderful place to live, and stay healthy!  

Prestwick Commons Fall Newsletter

Hi! It really still is Fall……Lots is going on in our neighborhood and the HOA has been busy. 

  • Proposed Covenant Changes 
    You should be receiving a packet from Elite Management Systems in the next few days that contains a cover letter from the Board, legal language of the proposed amendments, and the ballot. There are 8 proposed amendments and you will be voting for each of them individually. One vote per item per household. We need 75% resident approval for any amendment to pass – the one exception being for board terms which requires 67% approval. 
  • Entrance Building  
    A roofing company has been hired and the roof should be repaired soon. We are also looking into having the trees around it pruned in order to look better and to get the branches off of the roof.
  • Street Parking
    We’re delighted that parking on the street continues to be reduced. Please park your cars in your garages and driveways. A reminder that it is really difficult, and potentially dangerous for your car to be parked on the street when the snow plows come through. They are really careful to avoid cars, but it makes their job so much more difficult if cars are on the street.
  • Social Activities
    November included two neighborhood social activities. The Pumpkin Pop Up in the park, sponsored by neighbor Jodi Beekman, included lots and lots of small pumpkins for kids to gather and paint. Many of our families took part.  

    The other activity was a COLD and rainy Trick or Treat. Hot chocolate was a big hit with those who stopped by and we gave out about 140 hot dogs. Thanks to everyone who helped that night with time and/or donations!!  

    Oak Creek Holiday Market – Oak Creek Elementary School will be hosting a holiday market featuring 40+ local vendors Saturday, November 23 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

    We may have a Santa event next month. Details to come.

Cold and Rainy Trick or Treat 
Hot chocolate was a big hit with those who stopped by and we gave out about 140 hot dogs. Thanks to everyone who helped that night with time and/or donations!!

  • Our Park  
    We heard back from Columbus Parks and Rec about inquiries that the board had made. The city looks at improvements to neighborhood parks on an 18-20 year cycle. Our park was established in 2006, so we have to wait a few more years to work with them on additional playground equipment, etc. 

    They are now aware of the standing water issue in the park and promise to monitor it and to look for remedies. Please let the board know when there is water draining onto your property from the park so that we can notify them. 
  • Candlelite Lane (Tapestry) Apartments
    We continue to work closely with the developer and manager at the apartment complex. The fence and gate are completed. The fire department will set the lock and have the key. Landscaping has begun on both sides of the fence but may not be completed until Spring.  
  • Snow Plowing
    The city of Columbus has responsibility to plow our streets but we are a Tier 3 priority for them and that puts us after all other arteries are cleared. The board hires our streets plowed before that for the safety and convenience of the neighborhood. The company that plows our neighborhood is contracted to salt and plow the entrance whenever it is slippery and they are out before rush hour to get that done. Plowing the big circle is done based on amount of snow and potential for it to melt quickly or stick around. The remainder of the neighborhood is plowed only after a significant snow event is over and the melting potential is taken into account. 
  • ARC
    If you are planning any changes or additions (roof or shingle replacement, deck or patio additions, major landscaping, mailbox replacement, fencing etc.), next year, please allow time to go through the ARC process before you begin the project. ARC stands for Architectural Review Committee and is the governing committee for any changes that you are making to the outside of your property. It is a 4 person committee which includes 1 board member and is mandated by the covenants. All changes that you are making need approval from this committee. Applications are submitted through the management company’s website. When you log into the EMS website,, go to the Service Request Form on that page. Using the drop down menu, go to ARC request.  
  • Note
    Let’s be kind and safe this winter and help one another out as the weather turns cold and snowy.  
    Marilyn Arthur
    Prestwick Commons HOA Trustee 
  • Social Committee News

    The social committee has been busy looking into ways to keep us all connected.

    They are working on continuing the tradition of hot dogs and hot chocolate available during Trick or Treat. Donations are needed of items for that night. More details to follow. Please help out with donations of cash or items if you can. We're still investigating ways to fund social activities for the neighborhood.  

Trick or Treat 
Trick or Treat for our neighborhood will be Thursday, October 31 from 6:00 - 8:00pm 

  • Prestwick Commons Facebook page  

    The new Facebook page, Prestwick Commons Subdivision, for Prestwick Commons neighbors only is up and running. This is a closed site, so you will have to register to join it. Check it out. LEARN MORE 

  • Thanks to Polaris Park Apartments

    Polaris Park apartments management cleaned up all of the weeds that had taken over the back of their property that borders Barley Loft. It is so much nicer. 

  • Tapestry Park Polaris Apartments

    We continue to work with the development company that is building these apartments at Candlelite Lane. They anticipate opening the club house by October 1st and 4 of the buildings within a couple of months. As of now, we don't know what kind of a gate the fire department will require across Candlelite Lane but it will be gated for emergency access only.
No Trespassing


We continue to have issues with folks cutting through yards to walk over to the Drug Mart shopping center. It is illegal to do that. Homeowners are within their rights to call the police on trespassers. Whether you are going to the Drug Mart shopping Center or over to the church or Gemini Place, it is not okay to cut through someone's yard to get there. Please be respectful.

  • Complaints 

    By far, the largest number of complaints that the board is currently receiving is about street parking. Too many cars and trucks are being parked on the street daily and some are sitting there semi-permanently. This creates hazards at intersections and for school buses and trash trucks, etc. It also is a safety concern for kids riding their bikes or playing in their yards. The city has come out and impounded vehicles that are permanently parked on the streets. Please park your vehicles in your garage or on your driveway. 

    We have looked into a variety of ideas about what to do to alleviate the parking concerns but every idea that we have simply moves cars around and doesn't necessarily get them off of the street. We need to minimize street parking. Your suggestions are always welcome. The streets belong to the city of Columbus, not to our neighborhood, so our options are limited.  

    We have also received complaints of low hanging tree branches and broken sidewalks. Both of these are the responsibility of the homeowner. Please report all concerns to Include the address and photos if possible. And be sure to let them know that you're in Prestwick Commons.  

  • Our Park    

    We have been in touch with Columbus Parks and Rec about a number of issues and are waiting for their response. We are asking about possible playground upgrades, drainage issues and permit questions for neighborhood activities. We welcome your thoughts and suggestions. If your property backs up to the park and standing water is an issue, please let us know. There may not be a solution but we can try. 

  • Columbus Repairs

    The city has fixed a number of things that we have requested including crumbling blacktop near a street drain and a missing cover on a light pole.  

  • Entrance building roof 

    Our management company has been looking for someone to repair the roof of the building at our entrance. It has proven to be challenging. Roofers don't want to do it because it's too small a job and others don't want to make the repairs because they include shake shingle roofing. We are pushing to get those repairs done before winter. 

Proposed amendment changes to our bylaws

The Board has approved the wording of the proposed covenant changes and has notified the lawyers to prepare those for mailing to each household. The mailing will include a cover letter from the board explaining the changes, the complete wording of the proposed covenant changes or additions, and a ballot which needs to be returned by 75% of the neighborhood homeowners. There is one ballot per household. You should receive these next month.

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